THIS is the Diet for You!

Yikes! There are so many diets to choose from these days…which one is for you??? Have you been to a book store lately? There is an entire section on weight loss programs, magical nutrition plans, and strategic diets plans based on this or that; It can be a little overwhelming to start.

You might turn to a diet that currently has a lot of hype at the moment, and we call them “fad” diets. The trendy diet that work for some, but not many. Just because something is popular, doesn’t always mean that’s the “golden ticket”. I like to use quotations to express my point, I hope you’re picturing my fingers dancing in the air while you read that.

The only diet that is right for you, is the one you can understand and follow, and this magical diet is called Discipline. If you check out a diet, I’ll use a Keto diet for example, and think to yourself, I like and enjoy eating rice, potatoes, and other healthy starches, but think you would be able to give them up for a little while–the diet is not for you. You can’t half-follow a diet plan. In the case of Keto, it just won’t work and you’ll end up frustrated and defeated. Your body actually needs to be in ketosis–a metabolic state where ketones become an important source of energy for the body and brain–and you may never reach that state if you’re consuming more the 20-50 grams of carbohydrate daily.

I see people half-follow diet plans all of the time, and they wonder why it’s not working. No offense, it’s not usually the plan itself, it’s the person in between not wanting to follow a diet and follow it at the same time. If you log your food and only eye-ball the amounts and never actually measured anything, you’d be surprised to see how many extra calories you’d be consuming. Or not logging all of those random bites of food or sips of sugary or alcoholic beverages. Just because you didn’t log it, doesn’t mean you didn’t eat it! Whatever you’re eating plan is, make sure discipline comes first. Eat to live for the long run. Pick a way of eating that you can do with your whole family. I will be the first person to tell you that I DO NOT cook separately for my children. What people feed their kids is junk, and it’s funny how the adults see it that way too. Parents will go out of their way to whip up easy, prepackaged, full of preservatives food for their kids, then they will eat something healthier. I feel like saying “DUH!” Healthy eating and habits start while they are young. That is the worst thing you can do for your kids, so do them a favor and feed them those roasted vegetables, turkey breast, and quinoa you have cooking on the stove. Trust me, the battle of hunger will be short lived.

One last note, after my parenting tangent, thanks for letting me get that out by the way, be disciplined using the “3 W’s”. The way, what, and when you eat can make all the difference on making changes. Go through your check-list: Can I sustain this way of eating? What do I have to eat to meet my goals? When and how often am I eating? After you ask yourself these questions, I think it’ll be pretty clear for yourself what diets would and would not suite your lifestyle.

Need help figuring out what eating plan is the best one for you? Reach out! I’m a certified nutritionist and I want to help you find the best way to eat to reach your goals and maintain it!