Author: Dani

Above the TOXIC

Early training years flashback… As a new trainer, still finishing my degree in Kinesiology at Penn State, I wanted to dive into the fitness industry–excited to learn and grow! Almost all of my clients were older than me at the current gym I was training at. (Side note, I left after 5 years because of […]

THIS is the Diet for You!

Yikes! There are so many diets to choose from these days…which one is for you??? Have you been to a book store lately? There is an entire section on weight loss programs, magical nutrition plans, and strategic diets plans based on this or that; It can be a little overwhelming to start. You might turn […]

It has to Start Somewhere!

I felt this title was particularly perfect for my very first blog about where to start or continue your fitness journey. I bet a lot of you can probably say that you have started your fitness journey over and over again a dozen or more times. There is a difference between completely starting and stopping […]